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Secret Lovers
The free live sex web cam section " Secret Lovers " from Secret friends.
Statistics and other information :
Category : Free webcams
Domain name :
Total hits : 1271137 since Oct 20, 2003
Current rating : 6.00 with 1446 votes
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What other people had to say about this site :

Date: Oct 21, 2017 Review By: JimmiNi

Date: Jul 9, 2014 Review By: ff

Date: Jun 12, 2014 Review By: RANGA

Date: Feb 28, 2014 Review By: jaovand
am acare free kinda person

Date: Dec 16, 2013 Review By: janet
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Date: Aug 28, 2009 Review By: dsf
i love it

Date: Jan 25, 2009 Review By: bench
Awesome, Perfect 10

Date: Dec 14, 2008 Review By: Jack
I love this site.

Date: Dec 2, 2008 Review By: John

Date: Nov 5, 2008 Review By: hugh 1
my boner goes wild looking at these girls!

Date: Oct 14, 2008 Review By: jjoi

Date: Oct 14, 2008 Review By: hter

Date: Jul 31, 2008 Review By: big 1
they make me really cum

Date: Jul 10, 2008 Review By: boner
my boner gets extra hard with these girls

Date: Apr 30, 2008 Review By: wild dick
a lot of these girls are real nasty and they make my dick go wild!!!

Date: Dec 19, 2007 Review By: mr. hardon
my cock gets hugh with these girls

Date: Dec 14, 2007 Review By: AAA
this site is the best

Date: Dec 12, 2007 Review By: mr. dick
real boner material

Date: Apr 22, 2007 Review By: bob
the best. nuff said

Date: Apr 17, 2007 Review By: jessie
Cool, always gives me a hard on...

Date: Mar 31, 2007 Review By: Manish
Simply Best !!!

But Need Old Models back
Elya, Kayla Etc

Date: Mar 30, 2007 Review By: radjack
clearly, this is the best way to go

Date: Mar 30, 2007 Review By: Juan
This site is fantasic, has the best looking girls around.

Date: Mar 28, 2007 Review By: T
Great Site... Best!

Date: Mar 28, 2007 Review By: Jay
EXCELLENT SITE! The girls are some of the most beautiful on the net.

Date: Mar 13, 2007 Review By: free finder
girls should useing more toys and cuming alot more less face shots more cum shots

Date: Feb 9, 2006 Review By: Pete
Love this site it would be nice if some girls would smoke though. thanks!

Date: Sep 26, 2005 Review By: Jaito
In all my years of searching for porn pictures, sex tapes, movies, nothing really compares to this, it is realtime 100%, and all the girls are very cute. There are a few that are... well eww, They do need to liven it up more, like more dildos, and smoking would be hott indeed, but either way, its all good. 10/10!

Date: Sep 6, 2005 Review By: Fred
+would like to see Elya show boobs once in a while. I think she has a great body

Date: Aug 14, 2005 Review By: LAME_Finder
What a JOKE, all self post *&* not even a girls real site. It's only a guy trying to trick you all into joining some cam site. Making $$ from fools that fall for it

Date: Apr 11, 2005 Review By: jizm
Excellent site & the girls are stunning. The ones I prefer dont show everything straight away. Glad those phony sets are being used less.

Date: Apr 5, 2005 Review By: roberto
I really want to see Arya get actually nacked sometime...

Date: Feb 16, 2005 Review By: Mr. toma
I love to watch Casey as she smokes ty. #1 site

Date: Jan 13, 2005 Review By: electric
This site is great!!! Beautiful girls,like "Charl", really heat up the screen!
Very sexy!

Date: Jan 4, 2005 Review By: pete
Great site but where are the girls that smoke?

Date: Dec 10, 2004 Review By: smokyt
I think it would be naughty if a few were able to smoke cigarettes. Otherwise its real hot.

Date: Nov 5, 2004 Review By: wildroot31768
the girls are really awesome.

Date: Aug 19, 2004 Review By: |_[_]_|
Awesome.... 10 out 10

Date: Aug 2, 2004 Review By: Jonathan
This is a great site! Some of these girls really go all out and show all. You can watch for free as long as you like. It's awesome.

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