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If you want to make some extra money you might be interested in becoming a webcam model. A webcam model is a male or female that entertains other people in adult video chat sessions. For this service a webcam model gets paid on a per minute base when a person joins their video chat session.


Most adult video chat sites pay a percentage from whatever the client pays you for the chat sessions. These percentages differ between 35% and 50%. The video chat sites can only pay you a relatively low percentage because they also need to pay their affiliates that send visitors to their sites. Affiliates usually get another 25% - 30% of the sales. Also the video chat sites need to pay for development of their software, and a lot of bandwith. So basically the site owner only gets around 10% in worst case scenarios.


To become a video chat performer you need a few things. First of all you need to have a computer that is connected to the internet, but since you are reading this I assume thats allready taken care off. It is important that you have a fast internet connection, a slow connection is not good enough to keep your customers satisfied. Ofcourse you need a webcam. Choose your webcam carefully, there is a huge difference in video quality. Before buying one, you might want to read some hardware reviews on the net. Another better option would be to connect a handycam to your computer, but to do this you need to have a special video card, which is a bit more technical. Remember, a better quality is more money for you ! Invest a few bucks more on you web camera and internet connection.


Being a successfull webcam model takes effort and dedication ! You can have a lightning fast internet connection and a 1000 dollar camera, but if you just sit behind the cam looking bored and not interested you will not make a lot of money. Also make sure your lightning is good, move around some lamps and don't sit in the dark. Smile and interact with your customers, ask them what they like and look sexy.


Spend some money on nice lingerie, the guys and girls stopping by enjoy a nice looking outfit. Take your live shows to the next level and get a nice selection of sex toys. Keep your show interesting !


Most video chat sites offer free video chat rooms in which a webcam model can try to entice a potential customer to join their private chat room. If you just started and you do not have a lot of returning customers yet, the free chat sessions are the best way to go. Free chat to private chat works much better then sitting around waiting for potential customers.


Try out several video chat sites, if you have the computing power work on several sites at once. This way you can make money from several sites. Not all webcam sites allow you to work for other sites, so read the rules.


The guys from live jasmin, one of the biggest adult video chat sites wrote a manual on how to become a jasmin webcam model. Click here to read or downlod the "How to become a video chat performer manual"


Here are some sites to get you started :

cams4us - This is our own adult video chat site, 50% is paid to models
IFriends - One of the oldest sex webcam sites is looking for models again.

Live Jasmin webcam girls - Some models claim to make more then $600,- a day !

Live Jasmin webcam boys - Same as above but now for guy models

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